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Free OBD installation in your bathtub! 

Free survey and installation

All bathtubs have different dimension, therefore the door has to be retro fitted specific to the individuality of each bathtub. We start by taking measurements in the customer’s home, once we have it we start to prepare the door with a perfect fit.

Taking measurements takes around 10 minutes. The door is then manufactured with a turnaround of 1 week. Our next visit is your door installation in your existing bathtub. Installation takes between 4-6 hours.

For what existing bathtubs can the OBD be installed with?

Our bathtub door is suitable for almost every kind of bath. We have experience with bathtubs made of:

  • steel
  • acrylic/plastic
  • cast iron with enamel

The front panel can be plastic, wooden, tiled concrete/brick wall.

Bathroom secured

The Orthopaedic bath door is about cutting out part of bath front wall and fitting the door in that space.

Before the fitter starts the job the area around the bath is being protected. We do care that installation process goes smooth without any damage to the bath or bathroom. 


We ensure bathroom protection and tidiness at all times. After all these steps, your bath with its new orthopaedic door is ready to go.  From that moment getting in and out of the bath will be effortless and safe.

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