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Orthopaedic Bath Door in Your Bathtub

Basic information

The Orthopaedic bath door is a revolutionary product which has been developed to assist individuals with mobility issues to get in to the bathtub.  Unfortunately disabilities or limited mobility can cause real problems with taking care of self-hygiene and this affects many people. We will convert your existing bath into a walk-in bathtub at less cost. 

The product we offer is a very convenient and comfortable solution in terms of day to day hygiene. The bath door has become very popular across Europe and US. We can fit them in almost every bathtub, they are 100% watertight and installation takes around 4 – 6 hours.

For who ?

Orthopaedic bath door is designed and dedicated for people with limited mobility but especially for:

  • Seniors
  • disabled people
  • people after accidents
  • people with overweight 
  • people after other diseases

Comfort and watertightness

Orthopaedic bath door allow less abled people to safely get in and out of the bath. The person will not have any problems taking a bath or shower, therefore also avoiding problems with hygiene keeping.

The OBD opens and closes with ease and they are 100% watertight. All you have to do is open the door, step inside, close the door and start the shower or filling up the water. When you finished drain the water, open the door and step out. Although the door is dedicated for less abled people but still can be used by all family members like a standard bath.

Materials and technology

Our Orthopaedic bath door is made out of high quality materials. Thick layer of transparent acrylate assures product durability and no fear of cracking or mechanical damage. Made of stainless steel covered with chrome locking mechanism and door handle, it is a product of durability. Thanks to this technology the OBD is not exposed to damages and provide watertightness.


The orthopaedic bath door was designed as an alternative to buying a walk-in bath. Our price with free installation does not exceed 50% of new fitted walk in bath and in most cases necessary bathroom renovation.
We offer the OBD for:
Total: €1390
The price includes free installation and 5 years warranty.

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