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Fitted in any type of bathtub within a day!

Safe and comfortable bathing without distruption to the bathroom in just one day! Join almost 1,000 people who have installed bathtub doors.

The OBD bathtub door is a product that is the perfect solution for people struggling with everyday bathing problems.


Our doors have a patented locking system made of stainless steel, therefore we can fit them to any bathtub for seniors, disabled people and people with mobility problems.


The bathtub door is made of waterproof materials, for which we provide a 5-year warranty. After installation, the bathtub is 100% leak free.


Thanks to the use of modern technologies, we can install the door in a few hours. This saves time and the most important saves additional costs in regards to renovation.

OBD door - for who?

The OBD orthopaedic bathtub door is a product that was created for people who have problems with daily bathing or showering due to mobility limitations. Our product is chosen by:



After injuries and accidents


Choose a proven company! We have been operating throughout Ireland for over 5 years, during which we have installed almost 1000 bathtub doors

Only 3 easy steps away from a convenient and comfortable bath in your own bathtub.

Step 1
call us

We will be happy to answer any questions and choose the best solution for you and a suitable installation date. The price depends on type of bath and location.

Step 2
Free survey

In the case of a non-standard type of bathtub, you can order a free survey. We do not take any deposits and payment is made only after the installation is completed.

Step 3

Installation takes approximately 5 hours. Our certified installer has the necessary tools and materials. You don’t have to prepare anything in advance, we will do everything for you!

Installation of OBD Orthopaedic Bathtub Doors does not require any additional financial costs.

You don’t have to renovate the bathroom, invest in materials or pay advance payments to various contractors.

Customer's feedback

Join over 1,000 people who have installed OBD bathtub doors.

Orthopaedic doctors recommend our product

OBD orthopedic bathtub doors guarantee the highest quality. The bathtub door was created in cooperation with orthopedists to create the best possible solution for our customers. The result is a product tailored to the needs and making entering the bathtub easier for thousands of people.

Proven quality

OBD doors are patented and have been designed using advanced technologies and materials. 

We take full responsibility for a functionality and watertightness.

The door and installation are covered by 5 year warranty!

OBD bathtub door – Proven quality

Find out why our bath door is a high quality product. The door and seal is patented, therefore we are leaders on the market.

locking system

Locking system and door handle are made of stainless steel chrome plated.


The frame is made of sanitary PCV, which is sculpted to the surface and shape of customer’s bath.

door seal

The door seal is carefully tested and durable for 17 years of usage.

What you get:

  • OBD door tailored to your bath
  • Free survey and installation 
  • 5-year warranty for the door and installation

From €1450

Final cost is calculated based on bath type and location.

About us

We are family business and we have started from walk in baths production first. We are operating since 25 years therefore we have a huge experience and knowledge in bathing products.

5 years ago we decided to implement a crucial product – a bathtub door which help to have a safe bath without renovation and without old bath removal and replacing for a shower.

We constantly growing and expanding our business helping hundreds people to access their baths. 

Random conversions


What locations are covered by your service?

We operate nationwide.

What type of baths can you fit the door in?

We fit our OBD door into any bath type: acrylic, cast iron, steel, enamel. No matter material the bath is made of, also the shape of the bath is not a problem either- Corner baths, P shaped baths can be also converted.

I have a plastic/ wooden/ tiled front panel / Can the OBD door be installed?

Yes, it can. If the front panel is in good condition there is no need to replace it.

Will the door leak after installation?

Our door is made of high quality components therefore are 100% watertight. Thanks to our installation process which requires a few layers of special water – resistant sealants.

What is the bathtub door dimension?

The OBD door width is 400mm/ 15.74″. The door height is adjusted accordingly to every individual bath. The step in level depends on the original bath installation height. We always fit the door as low as possible.

We provide service across the whole country. Call us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Orthopaedic bathtub doors


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