OBD Doors

Orthopaedic bathtub door for elderly and disabled.

Find out how our bathtub door can change your life. Safe bathe or shower without renovation is possible with no hidden cost.

The OBD bathtub door is a product that is the perfect solution for people struggling with everyday bathing problems.

Fits every bathtub

Our doors have a patented locking system made of stainless steel, therefore we can fit them to any bathtub for seniors, disabled people and people with mobility problems.

Watertight guaranteed

The bathtub door is made of waterproof materials, for which we provide a 5-year warranty. After installation, the bathtub is 100% leak free.

installation within 1 day

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, we can install the door in a few hours. This saves time and the most important saves additional costs in regards to renovation.

OBD door - for who?

The OBD orthopaedic bathtub door is a product that was created for people who have problems with daily bathing or showering due to mobility limitations. Our product is chosen by: