OBD Doors

Choose a proven company! We have been operating throughout Ireland for over 5 years, during which we have installed almost 1000 bathtub doors

Only 3 easy steps away from a convenient and comfortable bath in your own bathtub.


We will be happy to answer any questions and choose the best solution for you and a suitable installation date. The price depends on type of bath and location.


In the case of a non-standard type of bathtub, you can order a free survey. We do not take any deposits and payment is made only after the installation is completed.


Installation takes approximately 5 hours. Our certified installer has the necessary tools and materials. You don’t have to prepare anything in advance, we will do everything for you!

Installation of OBD Orthopaedic Bathtub Doors does not require any additional financial costs.

You don’t have to renovate the bathroom, invest in materials or pay advance payments to various contractors.

Find out more about our 1 day door installation

We have converted almost 1000 bathtubs therefore our installation process is perfected and takes only few hours.

OBD door for every bathtub

We fit our door in every bath type. No matter the material they are made of. We have a lot of experience in baths:

  • Steel 
  • Acrylic/plastic
  • Cast iron

Bathtub shape (standard rectangular, corner, P shape) and front panel (acrylic, wooden, tiled) it is not a problem for us.


Before the installation begins we make sure the bathroom is properly secured. We strive that no damage is done to bathroom features. The door installation is about cutting out part of bathtub and also front panel. 

The space between the bath and front panel is reinforced and stabilized so the structure is solid, safe and most importanly watertight.

Final result

The last step of installation is watertight test. After door fitting the step in level is significantly reduced. From this moment to enter the bath user needs to lift up his leg about 20cm. Getting in and out will be hassle free action. 

With some extra support of grab rails and bath bench / stool the person can independently use the bath as a shower or take a bath.


Proven quality

OBD doors are patented solutions and are made using modern technology. 

We take responsiblilty for functionality and watertightness.

The door and workmanship is covered by a 5 year warranty.