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Orthopaedic Door for Your Bathtub

We will come to your home and we will fit
an Orthopaedic bath door (OBD) so you will
never have a problem getting in and out 
of your bath safely again.

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Orthopaedic Door in your Bathtub.

The Orthopaedic bath door is a revolutionary product which has been developed to assist individuals with mobility issues to get in to the bathtub. Unfortunately disabilities or limited mobility can cause real problems with taking care of self-hygiene and this affects many people.



Free OBD installation in your bathtub!

The door installation takes approximately 4-6 hours. All bathtubs have different dimension, therefore the door has to be retro fitted specific to the individuality of each bathtub. We start by taking measurements in the customer’s home, once we have it we start to prepare the door with a perfect fit.



The OBD confirms to the highest product quality and design. We take full responsibility for functionality and customer satisfaction. The door and installation are covered by a 5 years warranty.


"yes i was pleased with bathdoor..... the lads did a good job ...& no mess left.....would recommend your company ....thanks ...john "

John E.

"Im not sure how would i manage without the OBD door which i got from my son. I could not use my bath since long time and now i can enjoy it again. "

Greg S.

"Me and my husband were planning to get a walk-in bath. Unfortunately because the price including renovation we were delaying this decision. In the meantime my neighbour showed me the bath door fitted in her existing bathtub. No renovation required at half cost."

Paul M.

"I thought first how this is possible to install the door in my bath. Would it be watertight enough? It turned out that orthopaedic bath door is made to measure and perfectly fit. I can recommend this product and solution to everyone who struggles using traditional bathtub."

Connie R.

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